Collingwood’s best hiking and biking trails

May 2, 2024

Collingwood and its surrounding environs are a haven for nature lovers, both locals and visitors alike. An expansive waterfront that welcomes you to relax on the beach or head out in the open water. The rugged escarpment offering the best skiing in Ontario. Inviting golf courses seemingly everywhere you look.

Of course, no conversation on Collingwood’s inviting vistas is complete without discussing its expansive 60 km network of recreational trails offering endless opportunities for exploration. A good hike or bike along one (or more!) of its many trails is guaranteed to provide stunning views, fresh air and an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Best of all, Collingwood’s trails are welcoming to everyone, with most surfaced trails featuring a flat terrain that is generally accessible for the physically challenged. The cycling routes can even be used as a safer, car-free way to get around town.

Studies have shown that spending quality time amidst nature can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, leading to a healthier and more bountiful life. So why not lace up your hiking boots or hop up on two wheels and explore the countless natural wonders Collingwood has to offer.

Here are a few of the hiking and biking trails in Collingwood you’ll want to consider:

Waterfront Trails
The best way to experience Collingwood’s waterfront is to walk or bike along its stunning network of waterfront trails. These well-manicured and maintained trails expertly cradle Georgian Bay’s meandering southern shores, offering a breathtaking sense of adventure for nature lovers and novices alike. Whether you hop on the trail at the downtown waterfront or begin at one of the western or easter extremes, you’ll encounter thrilling sights such as the Labyrinth, the Boardwalk Trail, Sunset Point and Millennium Park. Approximately 4 km of the waterfront is considered a paved off-road trail, complemented by an additional 10 km of unpaved screened limestone. You can even use the trail to access neighbouring towns like Thornbury, Meaford and Stayner.

George Christie Nature Trails
This popular 3.4 km trail network is on the western outskirts of Collingwood and features unbeatable serene natural vistas. The terrain is easy to navigate and on foot takes about 45 minutes to complete. The George Christie is a year-round trail that is also a great wintertime destination for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain Resort doesn’t just offer some of the most thrilling skiing in the province but incredible hiking and biking amenities, too. Within the resort, you’ll discover over 30 km of trails including 18 hiking trails and 23 XC and down-country trails. Casual hikers are sure to enjoy the Enchanted Forest Hiking Trail, and more intermediate-level hikers can connect from here to the scenic 90-minute-long Green World Trail. Meanwhile, advanced hikers will get a kick out of The Grind, a trail that snakes up the southernmost side of Blue Mountain and takes about 80 minutes to reach the peak. Cyclists of all stripes will enjoy the resort’s 7 cross-country bike trails, while the more adventurous can trade two skis for two wheels and whiz down on one of the breathtaking down-country trails.

With over 60 km of recreational trails in Collingwood, the list above is just the tip of the iceberg. The 33 km Georgian Trail, Collingwood Circuit, Clearview Collingwood Train Trail, Siding Trail and Georgian Meadows Trail are also highly recommended, which we touched upon in our “Things to Do in Collingwood This Spring” blog post last month.

Whatever trail you choose to explore, the most important part is to get out there and connect with nature while rejuvenating yourself in body and mind. Happy trails everyone!