Meet the interior designer of Collingwood Quay Condominiums

June 6, 2024

Collingwood Quay represents the height of style and sophistication on the shores of Georgian Bay. The boutique condominium provides residents with a haven for waterside tranquility, offering unrivalled views across Collingwood Harbour. Each suite has been meticulously designed to feel light and airy, with fluid open-concept designs and an expansive terrace complete with retractable glazing for all-seasons outdoor serenity.

Befitting its unique location and lifestyle canvas, Collingwood Quay features a bespoke design palette informed by the history of the site and the aspirations of those who long to seize the day, every day, amidst Southern Ontario’s ultimate all-seasons playground.

“We invested a lot of time researching the history of the site and Collingwood’s shipbuilding and industrial past,” explains Marla Nazzicone, interior designer of Collingwood Quay. “One of the things that really stood out for us was the town’s renown in the side-launching of ships; these were massive events and the whole town gathered down here at the harbour to witness history in the making. We wanted to capture the emotional essence of these events and weave it into the design tapestry of Collingwood Quay.”

Throughout Collingwood Quay’s shared amenity spaces such as the welcoming lobby and spacious multi-purpose entertainment lounge, one can see distinctive accents of Collingwood’s storied shipbuilding past. The materials, textures and colours selected harken back with sturdy wood tones and stark metal accents, lending a slightly industrial feel while feeling distinctively upscale. Imagine a luxury cruise liner from a bygone era transplanted upon Collingwood Harbour, combined with the chic chalet elements one would expect of a boutique residence a mere whisper from the best skiing in the province.

“We were also incredibly inspired by Collingwood Quay’s unparalleled waterside location, continues Marla. “Every one of the condominium’s one hundred suites offers clear water views. This feature and the serenity afforded to residents is practically unheard of in condominium design, especially at a scale such as this. Our desire was to establish a spiritual continuity between private and communal spaces by incorporating extensive glazing into the lobby and entertainment lounge. This approach consistently maximizes the serene water views, transforming Collingwood Quay from a location to a destination everyone can savour and feel at peace.”

Marla and the Collingwood Quay team left no skipper stone unturned when contemplating the layout and design of the entertainment lounge. A decision was made early in the design process to create a multi-functional space that could be partitioned and effortlessly host either an elegant and private soiree or a grand gathering, whatever the occasion requires. A double-sided fireplace is the space’s ultimate anchor, providing a warm ambience while creating an exceptional focal point where guests can gather and converse.

Like a ship, there’s also a lot to Collingwood Quay that goes below the surface. “We wanted to incorporate as many features as possible that would consider the resident’s use of the building. Given that we’re situated amidst a year-round lifestyle oasis, it was important to provide extensive storage so that people could have easy access to their skis and snowboards, kayaks and paddleboards. This feature is another way Collingwood Quay goes above and beyond to consider what residents desire not just while at home, but while experiencing all the incredible lifestyle opportunities just outside their front door.”

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