Things to do along the Collingwood waterfront

June 6, 2024

From late spring to early fall, the Collingwood waterfront is among Ontario’s most spectacular destinations. The immaculately maintained waterfront trail alone features over 4 km of stops and sights as it follows the serpentine contour of Collingwood Harbour. Simply meander along the trail and drink in the breathtaking views across Georgian Bay, as well as countless sources of local intrigue both human-made and crafted by the miraculous hands of nature.

Unlike your typical 4K event, however, the Collingwood waterfront trail is anything but a race. In fact, the longer you take the better. Here are some of the ways you can slow life down and savour every precious second in Collingwood at the water’s edge:

Two of the best ways to enjoy the entirety of the Collingwood waterfront is to walk or bike it. When you lace up a pair of comfy walking shoes and casually stroll along the path, you have the freedom to stop and start at will while pausing at the many parks, attractions and scenic views. If you prefer to bike, you can make it from one end of the trail to the other in no time, and then connect with one of the many other unforgettable bike trails Collingwood and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Naturally, one of the best ways to enjoy Collingwood’s waterfront is to make waves out on the water. There are a few companies within the Collingwood area that accommodate boat rentals, and paddleboard/kayak rentals. The great news for future Collingwood Quay residents is that the condominium’s storage lockers have been specially configured to accommodate paddleboards and kayaks, for a full summer of turnkey adventure in Collingwood Harbour.

Bennet MacNeil, Director of Development with FRAM + Slokker, also recommends one of the boat cruises offered by Collingwood Charters: “Something we enjoyed during a company get-together last summer was a charter tour of Georgian Bay from the tour dock adjacent to the Collingwood Quay development site. It was an amazing way to experience Collingwood from the water; with the town at the forefront and the hills in the backdrop, it was a unique and inspirational perspective of Collingwood’s surroundings. Collingwood Charters even offers jazz nights and other special event nights out on the water, catering to a wide variety of tastes.”

One of FRAM + Slokker’s most celebrated contributions to the Town of Collingwood and its Shipyards community is the Shipyards Amphitheatre. To be enjoyed by all, this local amenity was crafted during the construction of the Shipyards to provide an open, natural-air amphitheatre where the town can host live events right on the water. This artfully designed destination also features a number of pedestrian pathways, cycling routes and a lookout point across Collingwood Harbour.

Sunset Point features some of Collingwood’s most scenic and legendary views including the giant inukshuk at the tip of the park, Turtle Rock and Sunset Point Beach, plus spectacular sights of the iconic Collingwood Grain Terminals across the harbour. This destination features vast greenspaces, a nearby enviro-park, volleyball courts, a chippery, washroom facilities and more. While Sunset Point Beach is not your traditional sandy beach, visitors can kick back and relax by bringing their own foldable lawn chair or a picnic blanket.

The Collingwood Labyrinth at Harbourview Park is located on the waterfront near the arboretum and is accessible from the Harbourview trail, the boardwalk trail, and the arboretum trail. The labyrinth “breaks down the walls” on your typical design, with the pathways simply indicated on the ground through contrasting coloured stonework. Its design is even built from bricks salvaged from Collingwood’s Downtown Heritage Conservation District, providing a powerful link with the community’s past. Come to walk, meditate, relax, dream and explore your path to inner peace.

Amidst this waterside paradise sits Collingwood Quay, a boutique condominium that embraces its inimitable location in heart, mind and spirit. Imagine living steps from the waterfront with all these events and points of interest at your fingertips, while savouring those endless views across Georgian Bay at your every whim.

The release of Collingwood Quay is on the horizon later this spring. If you haven’t already registered your interest, register now to receive priority updates on upcoming sales events.